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We take pride in the results we have achieved and the lives we have helped transform. Our commitment to excellence and personalized care is reflected in numerous success stories—patients who have entrusted us to address their weight-related issues.

Among our patients are well-known figures from television and social media who have undergone remarkable and lasting changes through the procedures we perform.

These personalities, often in the public eye, have chosen Dr. Hernán Fraga due to the trust and security we provide, as well as the outstanding results we have achieved.

Humberto Cruz

-120 kg

Very happy, very grateful. With the support of Dr. Fraga, it is a completely different life.

Darinka Meyer

Gastric Bypass

My physique is incredible: I can now climb the stairs without getting tired, my knees no longer hurt, my back no longer hurts. I feel very happy with myself, very proud.

Alfredo Hernández

Gastric Bypass

I feel really well. My goal is to continue on this path that has helped me a lot in everything, in my family, in my businesses. My personal life has improved a lot.

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