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What is Bariclip?

Bariclip represents a revolution in the treatment of obesity. This innovative and high-tech device offers a less invasive alternative compared to traditional procedures such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. Its unique design allows for the reduction of stomach size without cuts or permanent alterations to the digestive system.

In Monterrey, Dr. Hernán Fraga has distinguished himself for his skill and experience in implementing this technique, providing patients with an effective and safe option for weight loss.


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How Bariclip Works

This procedure mimics the effects of stomach reduction, as in gastric sleeve surgery, but without the need for cuts or permanent resections.

Innovative Technique

Bariclip operates by placing a clip made of silicone and other state-of-the-art materials in the stomach. This clip divides the stomach into two parts: a smaller portion that limits food intake and facilitates a feeling of satiety, and a larger portion where gastric acid is produced for efficient digestion.

This innovative approach is particularly appealing to patients seeking an effective and reversible solution to their obesity.

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Dr. Hernán Fraga

Bariclip Placement Procedure

The placement of Bariclip is done through a minimally invasive technique known as laparoscopy. This approach allows for faster recovery and significantly reduces postoperative pain compared to traditional bariatric surgeries. In Monterrey, Dr. Hernán Fraga has gained notable experience in performing this procedure, using his expertise to ensure the best outcomes for his patients. His careful approach and commitment to patient safety make his practice a standout choice for those considering Bariclip as an option for obesity treatment.

Ideal Candidates for Bariclip in Monterrey

Bariclip is particularly suitable for a wide range of patients. This includes those with grade I obesity who prefer a less invasive and reversible solution. It is also a viable option for young patients looking to avoid surgeries that permanently alter their digestive system or nutrient absorption. Additionally, patients with morbid obesity seeking an alternative to definitive surgical solutions may find Bariclip a promising option. The ability to reverse the procedure makes Bariclip an attractive choice for those wanting flexibility in their weight loss journey.

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Advantages of Bariclip

Bariclip stands out for its numerous advantages, especially compared to other bariatric procedures. It is 100% reversible, allowing patients the option to undo the procedure if they choose to in the future. Furthermore, Bariclip does not require long-term vitamin or mineral supplementation, a significant advantage over other procedures that may alter nutrient absorption. The non-invasive nature of the procedure also means no stomach cuts or changes to the digestive system layout, reducing the risk of complications such as leaks.

100% reversible

This feature is exceptionally valuable for those seeking a temporary solution or are undecided about a permanent change in their anatomy.

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